Natural Alternatives

The foods we eat are very often chosen as a direct result of “cravings.” But because of our over-exposure to the media and the inevitable commercial conditioning that we face because of it, it is almost impossible to determine what your body is actually telling you it needs. Trips to the grocery store should never be completed while hungry – shopping rule number one. Trips to the grocery store should always be premeditated and planned out according to meal preparation that you are willing and able to complete. Steering clear of processed foods is always a great way to ensure that you are feeding your body good fuel. Organic veggies, non-hormone treated meats, drinking only water and teas, getting the proper amount of vitamins whether through food or daily supplements – all incredibly important to your immediate health and essential to preventative health care as your body continues to age.

One really smart thing that grocery store Whole Foods has done is eliminate any product from shelves that contain any of these ingredients. Your body is a machine designed to function on only the best fuel. In order to maintain maximum function, it is essential to avoid adding degenerative materials into our system. Eat thoughtfully, comrades, I urge you.


The Benefits of Cooking with Coconut Oil

One of the most challenging things about sticking to a premium fuel food regimen is deciding which are the best ways to cook both veggies and meat. Most women live in constant fear of consuming too much oil, thus ruining an otherwise healthy meal. But as of late, I have discovered a wonderful secret which has changed my life in the kitchen forever – coconut oil is a guilt-free oil.