The Macrobiotic Diet


This week I had the pleasure of reading ‘Zen Macrobiotics‘ by George Ohsawa – an essential guide for anyone desiring to follow a more healthful diet while being both mind and body conscious. The macrobiotic diet is meant to heal the human body by providing the exact nutrients that it is craving. By ascribing foods that are either less ‘yin’ or less ‘yang,’ the macrobiotic diet avoids the problem of unhealthful acidity within food. The main staples of the macrobiotic diet are grains and vegetables which supposedly make the task of achieving a more natural order of life less daunting.


Ohsawa’s Macrobiotic Foundation states, “Living within the natural order means eating only what is necessary for one’s condition and desires, and learning to adjust in a peaceful way to life’s changes. Learning the effects of different foods allows one to consciously counteract other influences and maintain a dynamically balanced state. The resulting freedom from fear and the new sense of control are two of the most important benefits of a macrobiotic practice.”

There are seven distinct diets outlined in Ohsawa’s Macrobiotic plan, but the most commonly used and critically acclaimed is Diet Number 7. This diet requires a very regimented amount of grain foods for a duration of 10 days. This is supposed to cleanse the body, giving it a completely “clean slate,” allowing practicers of Zen Macrobiotics to then choose their own regular diet plan and to feel completely healthy and rejuvenated.

There have been many studies conducted about the health benefits of following Ohsawa’s Macrobiotic Plan. But I encourage you not to take my word for it, do some research yourself. You’ll thank me later.


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