Everything You Need to Know about SnapChat

What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up for SnapChat:

  • Snapchat can change their privacy policy at any time.
  • Snapchat collects any information that you provide, including but not limited to, your username, password, email address, age, phone number.
  • Any messages (such as photos, videos, captions, and/or chats) are temporarily stored on Snapchats servers, as well as on the device of the recipient. Messages are then deleted from the server and recipient device when it is viewed.
  • Snapchat cannot prevent others from making copies of your messages (e.g., by taking a screenshot
  • As for any digital information, there may be ways to access messages while still in temporary storage on recipients’ devices or, forensically, even after they are deleted.

SnapChat Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Do share your most exciting moments with trusted friends… Don’t share your life with ambiguous internet strangers.
  • Don’t register for SnapChat with your given legal name if you’re going to share anything you wouldn’t want a future employer/ all of the Internet to see.
  • Do share pictures/videos of you doing exhilarating and enlivening activities; Don’t share your location with your whole list of followers.
  • Don’t take screen shots of your friends’ embarrassing or incriminating photos if you don’t want them to take screen shots of yours. SnapChat was created for non-permanence.
  • Don’t take photos of you doing incriminating activities and broadcast them; socially broadcasted data is never completely deleted.